On competition

From a comment that I made on Reddit:

Even if AT&T changes their mind, it’s not going to solve the real issue: most people in the US have the choice of 2 or fewer Internet providers, and other ISPs are going to continue to try to push this on people. I’m going to write my representatives as well and push for policies that encourage competition in the ISP industry, and I encourage you to do the same.

In the meantime, if you have AT&T DSL and your cable provider also caps, I would look into switching to a CLEC such as DSLExtreme if you’re in SoCal, or Sonic if you’re in the Bay Area; they don’t have caps AFAICT. There might be other companies similar to them outside of California as well. If you can only get AT&T DSL (e.g. no CLECs) and you really need Internet at home, then switch to the absolute lowest Internet plan you can possibly get with them and cancel any of their other services that you don’t absolutely need. This will reduce your liability if you do get owned by malware/WiFi leechers and help to hurt AT&T’s bottom line. If possible, do this over the phone and tell them the caps are why you’re downgrading/ending service.

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