Speaking of monopolistic behavior…

The FCC is seeking additional comment (warning: PDF) regarding the state of the “multichannel video programming distribution” (aka cable/satellite TV) industry:

Pursuant to its statutory mandate, in 2009 the Commission solicited 2007, 2008, and 2009 data, information, and comment for the 14th Report similar to that which had been requested for earlier years. However, since that time, the Commission has initiated a comprehensive review of the way in which it uses data, including data used for its statutory competition reports. In the course of that review, we determined that the data submitted in response to the notices of inquiry for the 14th Report are insufficient to produce an adequate report. We are therefore requesting additional data for 2009 and for the first time asking for data for 2010. In submitting additional data for 2009 and new data for 2010, to the extent that it is not unduly burdensome, we encourage commenters to also submit comparable historical data for 2007 and 2008, which will facilitate the Commission’s analysis of trends.

And as part of their review of the T-Mobile/AT&T merger, they’re reviewing telephone number utilization reports (warning: PDF) to determine the effects of the merger on mobile telephone competition. However, it looks like these reports will not be released to the public:

The Commission has recognized that disaggregated, carrier-specific forecast and utilization data should be treated as confidential and should be exempt from public disclosure under 5 U.S.C. § 552(b)(4). The NRUF and LNP reports are being placed into the record subject to the provisions of an NRUF Protective Order. As such, the NRUF data will not be available to the public except pursuant to the terms of the NRUF Protective Order, as outlined below.

I fully encourage everyone to participate in the FCC review/comment process. If nothing else, it will let our voice be known. 🙂

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