AT&T’s caps start tomorrow.

Sadly, AT&T’s still going through with their ill-thought broadband cap plan. I kinda figured this would happen, but man, this sucks. And because of the lack of competition in the US ISP space, shareholders of Time Warner Cable and other capless ISPs will get pissed off unless they adopt caps too. The upside is that 250GB seems to be the number that doesn’t piss people off. For now.

Because of this, I’m not going to rely on TWC to remain capless for long, really. I have a plan to possibly bring much better Internet access to the condominium complex that I’m an owner in, but I’m still working out the details and I still need to sell the Board on it. I’ll keep you all updated.

(BTW, it’s been 46 days without a response)

  1. Thank you for the forum. I am just now going online to see how much I have already used… it is only May 12th. I suspect I will be getting a very large ATT bill. How do I get out of it? The other game in town has relentless trouble with their billing and overbills everyone. Hope I can still attend online college with streaming lectures…

  2. @Julie: out of curiosity, who is your other ISP?

  3. fyi, comcast has had the 250mb cap for years. so i really don’t see what the big deal about att’s cap is.

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