On public relations and promotion

So a few days ago I posted this article. It was admittedly a departure over what I usually post, since this site isn’t usually about Apple rumors. However, it is about competition and Sprint getting the iPhone is relevant since it would help to even the mobile device playing field.

Anyway, the article was originally linked on Reddit but didn’t really get much traction. Or so I thought. Within a few hours it ended up on MacRumors and it spiraled up from there. And then Apple changed the job posting, heh.

Some awesome places that linked to this site include:

(And I’m sure more as well, but those are the ones that I caught in the server logs while skimming them over.)

The other awesome thing is that this site now has some name recognition, it seems. I’ve noticed people coming in through Google searches for the site’s name. Top Google search terms (May 2011):

  • myusage.att.com (92 visits)
  • stop it at (53 visits)
  • stop it att (20 visits)
  • at (18 visits)
  • stopitatt (10 visits)

I just want to say that I’m happy that there’s more recognition of this site now and thank you all for your support 🙂

EDIT: added reference to Apple changing the job posting.

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