Update: cancelled AT&T today.

TWC installed service today, and so far so good. I was chatting with the installer as he set up my cable modem and it turns out that he indeed heard about AT&T’s caps. He was shocked that AT&T would institute such a thing, which is good to know. For the cynical, he could have also heard about it from TWC management, who want to increase their share of subscribers, but I prefer to think positively. 🙂

After he left, I called AT&T to cancel service. After being on hold for over 20 minutes (after the computer at the other end claimed “up to 10 minutes”), I finally got a representative. She was actually very nice, but didn’t hear anything from her managers about the cap thing. I didn’t have too much hassle canceling, except for having to drop off the equipment at the UPS Store afterward.

The point of this? The best way to fight this is to make your voice known in the best possible way. Since I had an uncapped cable ISP available to me, that was to switch to said ISP. Making our voices known will make them listen.

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