AT&T/T-Mobile commercial

I’m in Seattle for a few days, and I just saw an AT&T commercial on TV promoting the T-Mobile deal in my hotel room. Basically, all the talking points they gave in their submissions to the FCC, especially the “mobile broadband” thing.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the commercial on YouTube, but I’m not sure why they’re putting these commercials on TV when who they really should be convincing is the FCC and DoJ. And public comment period for the FCC’s already past, so even if people’s minds are changed, they won’t be able to let the FCC know.

  1. Please stop the add where the add puts the husband down, I would not buy ATT because of it, please have a little class!!! Your add’s are so bad every one I know has said they would not go with the low class company, besides they cost more. Get rid of your bad class advertisers, wow—- that’s it, did they listen to the add?? Would not go with ATT because of your horrible Advertisement. You may have a lot of money but you have no Class, or pride. Find some pride, before being an ????

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