“Unlimited” iPhone plans are being throttled

The newest tactic by AT&T? Start throttling the top 5% of grandfathered unlimited users.

I mean, I’ve been expecting something like this for a while, en route to eliminating unlimited entirely. But their reasoning?

The move, which takes effect on October 1st, is a response to a “serious wireless spectrum crunch,” according to a message issued today. […] Even with this new plan in place, however, the company says that the spectrum problems still won’t be resolved — it does have a simple solution, however, explaining that “nothing short of completing the T-Mobile merger will provide additional spectrum capacity to address these near term challenges.”

Yeah. I put $5 on them not stopping the throttling after the deal goes through.

  1. Throttling data speed is evil!! My I
    I phone is nolonger fun!!

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